About Us

Villa Tempest started out in 2010, as an idea, a simple idea,

 the name of a family home.

From that, in Hanoi, Vietnam it grew bespoke Pie Service and Weekend Market BBQ Service. A few years later the desire to build a business around the idea of a, “Bed and Breakfast,” Operation in a popular, summer and winter, German tourist destination grew and with it the hope that this could be a family business opportunity for us. As a sideline operation to the B&B idea we considered the idea of a Weekend Beer Garden, based around the brewing of small batch, handcrafted beers, AND a Savoury Pastry Service for expats in need of a little comfort food.

Unfortunately, the Bed & Breakfast idea dwindled as an option as the practicalities of work, school and access to community services, and reasonably priced housing became a greater priority. The Beer Garden idea morphed into a Hobby Brewing Club, known as Hobbybrau Hamburg (you can still find them on Facebook), and as for the pies? Well… we left Hamburg behind, and moved to Shanghai.