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Lovely Fish Pies

2011/04/18 by Villa Tempest

Lovely, lovely fish pies! With Easter just around the corner, we thought we’d share a few thoughts on some of our latest and tastiest pies.

Now, Chicken Pies are nice, they really are, especially when they have mushrooms in them, or mixed vegetables, or even a bit of curry, but it’s hard to go past a tasty, savory fish pie, and with our new and improved┬árecipes, the following two pies are very, nice indeed.

Buttered Onion, Fish and Potato:- This pie blends the sweet taste of buttered onions, Basa Fish with dill, and a mashed potato topping.

Chili Fish:- This pie combines, caramelised onions with Basa Fish, “Sad Man” Chili and mashed potato topping.

All our pies are hand made by The Pieman. Here’s a short, video that shows him at work, putting the t0pping on one of our tasty Chili Fish Pies. Enjoy!

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