From the Kitchens of Villa Tempest

Hi, I’m ‘The Pie Man’ and I’ll be making savoury pies for Villa Tempest after Tet (Spring Festival).

You may have heard, that for much of the past year or so, I’ve been exploring the various options for hand held pies here in Hanoi, and have not found much and what little there is, leaves a lot to be desired. Don’t get me wrong, there are one or two gems to be found, but all in all it’s very disappointing, so much so, that I’ve spent the best part of last six months making pastry and trailing recipes in pursuit of the perfect Aussie-style, handheld, savoury meat pie. I have now reached the stage where I’m happy with the results and am happy to share the results with others, if interested.

A few people, who have tried my pies, have asked where can they get some? Well, why not start with checking out my menu on the Menu Page, and then drop me a line. I’d be more than happy to discuss any order options with you.