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April, 2011

  1. Lovely Fish Pies

    April 18, 2011 by Villa Tempest

    Lovely, lovely fish pies! With Easter just around the corner, we thought we’d share a few thoughts on some of our latest and tastiest pies.

    Now, Chicken Pies are nice, they really are, especially when they have mushrooms in them, or mixed vegetables, or even a bit of curry, but it’s hard to go past a tasty, savory fish pie, and with our new and improved recipes, the following two pies are very, nice indeed.

    Buttered Onion, Fish and Potato:- This pie blends the sweet taste of buttered onions, Basa Fish with dill, and a mashed potato topping.

    Chili Fish:- This pie combines, caramelised onions with Basa Fish, “Sad Man” Chili and mashed potato topping.

    All our pies are hand made by The Pieman. Here’s a short, video that shows him at work, putting the t0pping on one of our tasty Chili Fish Pies. Enjoy!

  2. Happy Easter

    April 15, 2011 by Villa Tempest

    Well, its been a while since we last updated this page, so here’s some of the latest news.

    A short while back, Tsc,  “The Pieman,” stepped onto a hidden cavity, under the road, which caved in and buried him hip deep in the road. To add insult to injury, an old neck and shoulder injury of his was aggravated as well, making it almost impossible for him to roll pastry.


    How to make pies?

    Short answer – use the down time to continue adding capital equipment to the bakery.

    So, now we have a 4.5m x 5m room, a chest freezer, a fridge, a marble top bench, and a commercial quality, single deck, baker’s oven, which will double our baking capacity from 10 pies to 20 pies in one batch.

    Baker's Oven

    Having now commissioned this Chinese made oven – it’s from Gangzhou, Guangdong, China; it’s now down to tweaking the settings so that the pies cook well on the bottom without burning on the top, see the oven thermometer in the above picture? – it’s taking a bit of finessing, to say the least.

    Well, you can’t test an oven without having a few pies in it for the test, we opted for Chicken variants as a start, and may finish of with a few fish pies later in the day. Anyhow, here’s a close up: Chicken & Mushroom, Chicken & Vegetable, and Curry chicken (Ca Ri Ga) pies ready for baking.

    Delicious Chicken Pies

    And, here’s what a Chicken and Vegetable pie looks like out of the oven… De.licious!

    Delicious Chicken & Vegetable Pie

    Notice the flaky, crispy pastry; the real vegetables; and, the moist, but not too runny, filing. This is a very tasty Chicken & Vegetable Pie.

    To all our past customers, and future customers,we’d like to wish you all the best for Easter, and we hope to fulfill your desires for top quality pies once “Family Tempest” returns from celebrating Janine’s birthday in Hong Kong. With a few more tweaks, we should be back up and running, and baking regularly, shortly after Easter.

    That’s all for now from Villa Tempest.

    Happy Easter.